Pentecostal Offering

Sally 70th birthday rhubarb

Wisdom teachers get so layered with perceptions

that it’s hard to redeem the wisdom they wanted us to have.

Twenty five years ago I was gifted with the answer to a life long question.

How are we all one?

The answer came in a vision (narrated by Ramana Maharshi)

“I found myself standing in a wealthy Arab man’s closet,

as he choose a pink shirt to wear.”

In this experience I was shown that choice doesn’t define us.

We are beyond what we choose,

and oddly, united

by the fact that while we are here

we must choose ( hundreds of choices in a day.)


This week  is the ascension.

Jesus made four appearances during the 40 days after Easter.

Each visit was an assist to one or more of his students

Who needed a little bit love to get over their fear.

And when he left there was a circular vortex of love

that swept us off our feet, warm bodies all.

We may resist love but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

As Ramana said “Where would I go, I am here”

It’s enough to make you curious, isn’t it?










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