Preference of Peace

garlic scate heart (3)

When I was 35

I spent three weeks in the Grand Canyon

adding to my thought stream ” I could have peace instead of this”.

Maybe it was the magnificence of the place

of the challenge of the group dynamics

but “peace” stuck,

my mind took over

and choose peace in all instances.

I entered bliss.


This week, 35 years later,

I reopened Teach Only Love,

Jerry Jampolsky’s guide to  peace as a preference.

It’s about choosing your power source,

the wily ways of the ego

or trusting  in the love and peace option.

Simply beginning to do

what my sense of peace indicates

even though I do not know the outcome.

A loving preference is a more reliable basis for a decision

then guesses about future consequences.


Photo is of our garlic scapes,

harvested today and made into pesto.



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