Called and Not Called

Called and Not Called

It says on the sign over Jung’s studio door,

Called or Not Called God is Here.

When I was tossed into the  cold and wild water

of a rapid in the Grand Canyon,

and to my amazement

I completely let go,

experiencing  the delight of no fear.

A kind of grace, like death.


And once in the still of a long night of struggle

I heard the clear voice of Lotte

Call my name.


Prayer will bring in the needed help,

a shift in consciousness

a new view of the same situation.

A kind of grace, so many moments.





One thought on “Called and Not Called

  1. I had one of those shifts in consciousness recently, and besides what the amazing thing a shift itself is, when they happen I always say to myself, now I’m going to remember this, the possibility of this, and then, of course, I forget until the next time. But not this time. Ha.


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