Dance of the Great Hunger

staff (2)

For Maria


Laurens Van Der Post wrote The Mantis Carol,

a tale of synchronicity, wonder

and the truly joyful nature

of an African  Bushman far from home.

And at the end of  his life

She( I)  went to visit him

and because he asked this of her

she  proceeded to dance, his dance

the one she’s seen him do throughout his long life.

The Dance of Great Hunger.

A stomping step with a turn

arms spread  reaching the cosmos.

She was totally present,

with her back  still turned

she heard a strange sound,

” Like the issue of some gust of great wind

thrown at the door with such force

that it passed thin and elongated through the key -hole into

and out of the room.”

And he was gone.


Sometimes only a dance will do.

After the family left

I needed to dance , staff in hand

to move the stuck energy of deep sorrow

and let sway all the emotive feeling felt too tight,

giving voice to the great hunger

giving voice to the old one who knows of suffering

and still smiles.

For Maria






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