Welcome to Club Humanity

you and me


What a time we are experiencing,

so much change, so much limitation,

we can’t just do whatever we want, when we want to. 

For the first time that I know of,

 our “white culture”  is experiencing the squeeze

of less freedom and choice. 

We can’t get on an airplane and  fly to  Europe or  Canada

or  go to restaurants or movies or parties.

And now we are panicking about resources,

our own and our neighbors.

Economic shortfalls are  making  the society  less safe

as it becomes less stable. 

We are getting our first taste of how our indigenous

and our  people of color live life everyday. 

Welcome to Club Humanity.

The upside  is that we  finally have  a level playing field,

a shared experience with our “marginalized others” 

Suddenly there is no other 

just we.

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