Apple Pie- 4th of July

I am making an apple pie

For myself,

and for my big bumbling country

made up of individuals wrestling with the same demons.

Remember how Jimmy Carter got busted for having lustful thoughts

Well, I’m busted too, my thoughts are often not great,

a form of shadow boxing that I think is real

Lustful would be way better👩‍🦳

We are not going to get anywhere

unless we realize that we are bonified crazy here,

that life is a wild and free- not knowable – experience

that is not identifiable by what we say it is.

One of women I knew in the mountains

named her son Freedom.

Apple pie for All!🥧

2 thoughts on “Apple Pie- 4th of July

  1. Control is an illusion, something man created to rule the wild beasts in the wild land. Letting go is always best. Sending love, sandra


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