Getting my Feet Wet

Imagine yourself standing on a beach

near the waterline

as you gaze out over the ocean.

The wet sand is so solid

that your feet leave only the faintest of imprints…

You step forward

to stand just within reach of the leading edge of the waves.

As each wave curls around your ankles

and then rushes out again

notice that it sucks the sand out from under your feet,

unsettling you.

You are forced to take a new stance, again and again.

This is something like the relationship

between the ego

and the larger divine perspective

that both attracts and undermines.

Can we be “undermined” sufficiently to allow a true transcending?

“Oh but how we resist”

A sharing from one of my all time favorite books,

Uniting Sex, Self and Spirit by Genia Pauli Haddon

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