Getting Past our own Limitations

Events have conspired

A long held door is open

It’s time for me to exit the Matrix.

The enculturated conditioning,

is now illumined

“Step through” the unknown whispers……

Joseph Campbell says this…

“Our demons are our own limitations

which shut us off from knowing

the ubiquity of the spirit.

The consciousness is enlarged

and more spirit is encompassed.”

“My definition of a devil

is a god

who has not yet been recognized.

It’s time for Push Back

Bring it…..

2 thoughts on “Getting Past our own Limitations

  1. Amazing Sally, I just finished writing you a long email about exactly this..and here was your soup pot & once again we are walking side by side. Big love G


  2. How exciting! I just read your Soup Pot. When I think of doors, I remember when you were doing paintings with doorways in them, so now I’m imagining you walking through one of those magical passages in your paintings. Seriously, this is very exciting – and brave and wise. Bon voyage! love, charlie


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