Jan whom I Love so much!

Jan would be the first to leave the wedding.

Her health has been poor and it was a cold night.

But when she stood, cane in hand

a line began to form…….

Her family seeking to say goodnight

or something, touching in for a moment

of being close….

Wildly radiant as she met each one

with something akin to fire…..

I saw all of this!

When it was Henry’s turn, art student at Pratt

Jan extended her hand

with such a glimmer and glint in her eye

A pirate gazing into the future.

Next the sparkling bride and her groom

hugs and kisses….

granddaughters, daughters, her son, two nieces

a brother, his wife and Willow and I

holding the gate by her side.

The night had gotten long and over

and a mist had settled on the sea.

At last she turned to me and said

“Oh, You I’m not saying goodbye to”

tears in my eyes “Me neither”

3 thoughts on “Jan whom I Love so much!

  1. Okay, you made me cry. That’s beautiful. There’s nothing else to say. Except that I’m so glad you got to see your sister! love, charlie


  2. Such a beautiful happening! You are so perceptive and insightful! Jan sounds like a special woman and everyone honoring her, what a beautiful moment and one that will be cherished and remembered by all! And what she said to you during your turn, how precious! Sisters standing together no matter what! Always and forever. Such love that transcends space and time!
    Sending love, Sandra


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