Michele and Terry’s Wedding

It was the wedding of the century

and I was there.

Terry and Michele both live at Mesa Vista

the nursing home where my sister lived.

Michele always knew where Anne was.

She is the gatekeeper at the vortex

a cosmic human,

surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident in her 30’s

Some of us get whittled

into something akin to pure light.

I have stayed in touch with Michele

and when I visited her I met Terry.

They’d met when Michele was 17

and as Terry’s said” she was with her old man

and I had a lady”

only to meet again in their 50’s,

both worse for wear,

but their wedding was the ritual’s essence.

Odd angels,

(the groom so nervous I thought he might faint.)

Their willingness tangible

in a way that we have little access to.

As we hummed amazing grace

they walked back towards

I heard Michele say, over and over again,

I love Terry,

I love Terry,

I love Terry.

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