A ( not easy)Recipe for Change

John and I have been going at it

I’ve been introducing what could be called a a homeopathic dose

a suggestion really…

That we turn our sights toward our older years

( we are in our 70’s)

mutually gazing into the pasture of our later years

(Really not John and I at all)

So I’m not surprised when my innocent suggestion quickly becomes-

A fight to the death.

But there is good medicine in bringing up difficult topics

They do lose some of there sting, their bite.

2 thoughts on “A ( not easy)Recipe for Change

  1. Interesting how we get “set” in our ways of life and trying to see “other possibilities” can be quite an exercise. The effort it takes to make change, it is usually the hardest when it comes to oneself and their loved ones. Just putting things out there can be the beginning. Be brave.


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