Make Love Not War

Granny says- “Make Love not War

with Beaver and Redtail Blessings”

This year’s image for my annual print

(brought through in a mediation)

captures my inner masculine supporting me…

No small thing- this.. taken a lifetime!

How do men pull it off?

We have a four point buck in runt here,

in season, blind to anything

but the scent in the air

that has him trotting with purpose

and almost running us down.

That’s me.

I am running a bit hot, it all so new

and poor John

but I ‘m loving the sense of instinct and drive….

Wild old woman

integrating the societal need

for the men to get behind…

And isn’t this the underlying principle of Feminism?

Scary is a woman’s fangs (but her sharp teeth mean well)

I know the fight is an internal alignment

I own that

But come on guys

Have our backs, will ya?

Even though you might get bitten.


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