You might of noticed

that I have been fairly aggressive of late

demanding a way out….

shouting, stomping, pouting, wailing,

interesting to track

because something gave way

under the weight of my desire for liberation.

I was given this question

“Whose eyes are you looking out of”

and in this moment,

I saw my soul.

And it’s more like fire or wind or star.

Not human, truly other.

And living with this visitation has changed me,

something heavy has been lifted.

There are habits of emotion,

the sway of the heart.

but I’m not sure what I am gathering here.

I ( as fire) don’t appear to need anything.

One thought on “Unstuck

  1. You are operating at a different level! You’ve given up whatever you needed to give up! Now you are FREE!! Just the opportunity to breathe. What a concept 🙂 Sending love, Sandra


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