Mason Bees

Mason bees are solo females,

effective pollinators who

seal themselves in with mud,

regenerating through dormancy.

( I can relate- longest winter ever!)

But you can feel the wisdom of it

the tenacity of gathering mud

creating your hermit space in time.

The bees filled in almost every circle

It didn’t happen the whole first year

or maybe even the second.

I’d kind of given up

So it was an unexpected joy this March

to see the holes filled,

bees within.

I highly recommend it

and it’s a leg up for our pollinators.

( mason bee houses under twenty dollars- on line)

One thought on “Mason Bees

  1. Sally are these also known as Carpenter bees?
    Do they look for soft wood to drill a perfect round hole in ? Are they like big bumblebees?
    Is this a preformed house for them to use instead of my eves?


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