Coyote Equinox

Spring Coyote, trotting sideways

looking over her shoulder

not trusting this human,

it’s how she’s stayed alive.

We women have done the same thing

But we can no longer afford

our past,

our identification with what has been,

it is too heavy

and we need to fly

on our broomsticks.

Fully engaged feminine power

can no longer endure a shame based reality.

The earth, her ecology

her peoples and her animals,

Require us- empowered women,

not held in a dark dream of what was.

The price is too high for indulgence.

Reconciliation with ourselves is necessary

No more self judgement, Ladies

Be tender with your sweet self,

It’s really important!

One thought on “Coyote Equinox

  1. “No more self judgement, Ladies

    Be tender with your sweet self,”



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